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Sitting Shiva on the Faded Sofa

My siblings and I squeezed together on the faded sofa my Aunt Gert had picked up at a house sale. We sat on that sofa for the seven days of shiva, the Jewish ritual of mourning. We covered the mirrors with black fabric, and wore a black ribbon which the rabbi tore to symbolize the traditional tearing of mourners’ clothes from biblical times. A large white memorial candle burned for seven days. We sat on that faded sofa as if we were glued to each other – as if our physical connection would fill... (continue reading)

Cleaning Up My Life

Except for an occasional brief foray in decluttering, I have spent most of my life accumulating things. I must have lots of company because in the last decade, I have noticed a proliferation of people who make their livings writing about and assisting people part with their possessions and organize the ones they keep. It doesn’t take a scientist to discern that most Americans would end up with too many things in an economy predicated upon excess consumption. (continue reading)

Life After Law

I am here to tell you that there is life after law – or any other profession for that matter. As an attorney who no longer practices law, I have something to share from my experience.  I will admit that it wasn’t an easy transition for me, in part because it was not entirely a matter of choice. A combination of chronic illness and incurable blood cancer convinced me that leaving the practice of the law was the best way for me to survive cancer and live as fully as I can for whatever time I may have... (continue reading)

Photo Credit: Tamara Trejo of  Coastside Photography

Photo Credit: Tamara Trejo of Coastside Photography

Our imagination can probe the heights of Spirit and the depths of Soul, traveling often on the wings of images.
— Seema B. Frost